F7 Kittens

Updated 7/13/2014 

F7s are priced at $1200 as pets.  We do not ship kittens.

We are expecting a litter of kittens from Nikki & Jasper the week of July 13th sometime.  Email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com to see if kittens are here yet!

Note: some breeders market kittens based on the % serval in a kitten, however the actual % of serval genes in a cat is a theoretical estimate, it is impossible to accurately calculate this number due to the way genes and chromosomes are inherited.  This is especially true in later generation kittens that have multiple generations of savannahs behind them; it is impossible to even guess the % serval because the serval & domestic genes get recombined & reassorted at every generation (thoroughly mixing the genes up).

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